Hello World!

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Hello World!
Welcome to my website!
My name is Christian McLaughlin
I am a hacker, a world traveler, a foodie, musician, armature chef and I have a cat.
My colleagues describe me as eclectic and I aim to preserve that image of myself (even though I'll admit I had to look up what that word meant at first). 
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Sometime in 2017 I made the decision to finally pursue my career in the IT field. After getting my Security+ and getting out of the Navy in 2019, I finally started my career in infosec.
Working as a security analyst in a SOC, I learned so much about Linux, log analysis, and threat detection. I wanted to get into red team activities and after getting my Pentest+, I switch companies and started doing pentesting full time. I love to share my knowledge with others and that is where the concept for Red Team Cafe came from, to share my knowledge and experience.
In my spare time, I am either working on my server messing with VM's, containers or networking. If I am not doing that I am probably working on this site doing some web design. 

Follow me on my journey whether it is in the cyber space or my travels around the world.