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Christian McLaughlin

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Welcome to my website, Red Team Cafe!
My name is Christian McLaughlin
I am a network engineer, hacker, traveler, photographer and more...
My colleagues describe me as eclectic and I work very hard to meet those expectations (even though I'll admit I had to look up what that word meant at first).

Things I advocate for:
- A more productive 4 day work week
- Working from remotely or from home
- Investing your money and time in what makes YOU happy
- "Unlimited" vacation is a corporate scam

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I served in the US Navy for 7 1/2 years from 2012-2019 as an Aviation Electricians Mate 2nd Class. I completed 2 tours of duty and was deployed overseas 3 times. My work involved the repair and maintenance of electrical, navigation, communication, and mission systems on P-3C and P-8A aircraft. My time in the Navy has taken me to some amazing places such as Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Japan, El Salvador, Greece, and the UK.

In 2017 I wanted to transition to a different career field working on computers. When I was not able to pursue this in the military, I started preparing to transition out. I studied hard and earned my CompTIA Security+ in 2019. After I got out of the service, I started working as a Security Analyst in the SOC at Quadrant Information Security in Jacksonville, FL. I was in charge of monitoring networks for intrusion and alerting clients when suspicious traffic was observed. Here, I also started working as a pentester part time while still in operations.

In 2021 I left Quadrant to work at TRUE Digital Security as a pentester full time. I was in charge of testing client networks for security vulnerabilities by performing simulated attacks in real time against the network. I would report any findings in a deliverable sent to the client at the end of the test.

When I am not working, I spend my time traveling and exploring the world around me. I am inspired by those around me and to want share my experiences in life with others.

Some of my hobbies include playing the piano, scuba diving, cooking, playing video games, photography, videography, web development and hiking.
SkillTechnologyExperience sinceDescription
2014– Started using Virtual Box back in 2014 to learn virtualization.
– Built my own physical virtual server from scratch running Arch Linux and QEMU/KVM.
– Experience with managing ESXI in enterprise environments.
ContainerizationDocker2020– Learned Docker stating in 2020
– Quickly transitioned my entire environment over to containers
ClusteringKubernetes2020– I started learning clustering the same time I was learning Docker however Docker took priority so my experience with Kubernetes is more limited than it is with Docker. Right now I manage a cluster of Raspberry Pi’s
Web DevelopmentHTML
2019– Took “Web Development Foundations” college course in 2020 to learn front end development with HTML/CSS/JS.
– Moved to WordPress afterwards for rapid web development building and managing multiple websites since then. Extensive experience building, hosting and testing WordPress environments (front and back end)
Cloud ComputingAWS
2018– Started using AWS in 2018 and using the “Amazon Learning Academy” for free with the military
– Started deploying Droplets with Digital Ocean to supplement my home environment
– Switched my online environment from Digital Ocean to Linode
Network PentestingNmap
Programming Experience
– Java
– Python
– Bash
Python 3
2018My experience with programming started with Java back in college when I tool an “Object Oriented Programming” course. I absolutely hated it and swore off programming forever. What I didn’t realize was hoe idiotic that was and how I would need to learn to code (to an extent) to really be successful in the IT industry. I eventually fell upon Python 2.8 and took a weekend to learn to code. After that, I have been using Python 3 to program basic need
Eventually I
Technical WritingMS Office
2018I have a habit of documenting everything
Network MonitoringWireshark
Malware AnalysisCuckoo
– I started managing my own home network manually when I bought my NETGEAR NightHawk router
– In 2020, I started purchasing networking equipment from my local electronic recycling store and building my first network rack
– in 2021 I ran ethernet through my entire house and upgraded to run entirely Ubiquiti (mostly Unifi) equipment in house
2012– Introduced to Linux in 2012 with the release of the Raspberry Pi 1.
– Expanded in 2014 with the help of Virtual Box
WindowsWindows 8
Windows 10
I was born into WindowsBill Gates made me a Windows baby, I refuse to upgrade to Windows 11.
Self HostingNextcloud