What is Red Team Cafe?

This is a professional blog for TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION SECURITY, and TRAVEL. Here you can find interesting articles about getting into the technology field, insight into my career field (information security) as well as sharing my adventures as a digital nomad as I travel the world!

What is a RED TEAM?

In information security, a RED TEAM is a group of people who work to actively discover and exploit weaknesses against a target system or network. The RED TEAM is the offensive security team in the infosec world.

Does that mean that you are a hacker?

In technical terms, that is quite literally what it means.

Does that make you a bad person (criminal)?

No, I am an infosec professional. In the infosec worl, we refer to crinimals as BLACK HAT hackers while I would be considered a WHITE HAT hacker. I work as a consultant and advise clients of potential dangers to their network by acting as a . All of the work is contracted, reviewed by legal professionals and the scope is agreed upon by both parties (the client and myself) before any of the actual technical work is performed.

Can I learn to become a hacker too?

Yes. The cool thing about the technology field is the lack or requirement in most jobs for a degree. The technology field is heavily certificate based meaning that you take a certification exam and pass in order to display proficiency. Employers are more concerned with technical skills and hands-on experience using different technology than they are that you were able to take 4 years worth of classes at a university.

Where do you work?

Like most normal people, I have a place where I stay, my house. I have a workstation, a server, networking rack, etc. I spend a lot of my time traveling though and have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle full on. Being a digital nomad and traveling often is very exhausting at times and its always nice to be able to have a place I can call home base.

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